Kingrun focuses on aluminum alloy die-casting and precision machining since1995
Customized Aluminum Die Casting Service Manufacturers-Kingrun

Customized Aluminum Die Casting Service Manufacturers-Kingrun

Aluminum Die Casting.
 is manufactured with accuracy in specifications.

Kingrun Customized Aluminum Die Casting manufacturers FromChina,Advanced testing equipment: CMM three-coordinate measuring instrument, X-ray inspection, etc.







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This product has a sturdy structure. It is designed to bear all loads, which allows it to be very strong and have the ability to be stacked.


1.Do you have CNC machining center?
We have CNC machining center, please check our production line
2.How long is the delivery time?
Around 25 days
3.What is your measuring equipment?
CMM three-coordinate automatic measuring instrument


1.Has a central furnace
2.Equipment: Die casting machines with different specifications
3.Passed IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and other related international certifications
4.There are BROTHER CNC and MAZAK CNC machine tools

About Kingrun

Guangdong Kingrun Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, took root in Qiaotou Town, Dongguan, and established a branch in Frank, Germany It is a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in aluminum alloy die-casting, precision machining, high-end surface treatment, and assembly assembly. In line with the wave of Industry 4.0, Kingrun Technology mainly provides new energy vehicle battery packs, car seat built-in structural parts, car armrest brackets, car steering gear accessories, filter accessories, various types of pumps, electronic and communication components, lighting components, manuals Tools and power tools and other products and services Focusing on the production process, Kingrun Technology has advanced production equipment such as die-casting machines of different specifications, Japanese brother and Mazat CNC machine tools, electrostatic powder spraying production lines, etc., making the annual output of die-casting parts up to 3000 tons While pursuing efficiency, Kingrun Technology pays attention to brand and reputation. It has established an engineering team of 20 people and an advanced management system. It has introduced advanced testing instruments such as CMM three-coordinate measuring instruments and X-ray inspections to strictly control every link from raw materials to finished products . And has passed IATF16949, IOS9001, IOS14001 and other related international certifications, and the manufacturing technology has reached the international level. It

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